Our Services


Sravanthi Media House offers excellent and high quality video production , advertisement solutions and film web distribution services. We make imaginative and innovative video solutions that translate our client’s vision and convey great results.


Some of the services we provide are…


Explainer Video



People only buy when they understand how a product or service benefits them. With this package you will increase sales by using a video to frame your company or product as a “Problem Solver.” An explainer video can also take a complex topic and break it down into easy to digest snippets or tells a story with which people can identify. You will increase customers when people see you as the solution to their problem.

Green Screen / Virtual Studio



Great for sales pitches, promoting products and services, or telling your company history in a fun and visually appealing way. This video portrays you and/or your company as an area authority while delivering a perfect message. No matter the size of your company, you can present yourself as a “top player” by using pro talent as your company spokesperson. Filmed inside our green screen studio, the actor is put into a virtual set with custom graphics, especial effects and music.


Social Media Videos and Video Blog Posts


Many people are too busy or lazy to read but they love to watch videos. Increase the effectiveness of your service or product by posting videos on your social media featuring pro talent. This kind of video is a great vehicle for your words of wisdom. Supply us with a concept, script or treatment and choose the actor that best represents your business. We take it from there by putting the actor in a virtual set and adding a few basic titles and music to supplement your content.



This short, fast paced video keeps things moving so the audience stays hooked from the beginning to the very end.  This video is perfect for grabbing attention. Use it on your home page to entice visitors to stay on your website or on your social media page to drive them to your website. It will increase web traffic and rocket sales to new heights.

Photo Montage


A picture is worth a thousand words. A photo of your finished projects or before and after comparison must be priceless! This kind of video is perfect for showcasing your work. Complete with music, professional voice over, or some basic titles to label your work, you will hold your audience captive by showing your most extraordinary work in the best light possible.


The Mix


This mix of tricks uses a combination of video elements and styles to deliver your message from custom motion graphics to stock footage. This is a great multi-purpose video. This type of video has many uses: company history, case studies, products showcase, explaining services, sales pitches and more. It does a fantastic job educating and entertaining its audience.

The Event


This video package is perfect for keeping memories and showcasing your events on your business’ website and/or social media or to simply share it with family and friends. This kind of video covers corporate events, social events, weddings, holiday celebrations, shows and more.



This video package offers you the making of a nonfictional film intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record. This is a great way to show the world the legacy of your company and immortalize it in film. It is also a phenomenal option if you would like to create educational content for your employees, customers, students, or general audience.